A Source of Protection

Picture of Amina
Amina—her hope restored after horrible victimization—cradles her child

A Source of Protection

How you’ve helped a Ugandan girl overcome her rape

Dear Family,

Fifteen-year-old Amina contracted HIV from her mother at birth, and her life in Uganda has been riddled with poverty, pain, and many problems to overcome.

Vulnerable and disadvantaged even before COVID-19 shut down her country, Amina and girls like her became even more at risk, continually targeted by predators. Instead of going to school, they have learned cruel lessons, seeking ways to survive in the midst of brutal hardships and looming starvation.

One night, after collecting water for her family, Amina was returning to her home in “the bush” when a man overtook her in the darkness. He raped and impregnated her, and she is now mothering his child.

Can you even imagine the devastation????

Barely old enough to know how to keep herself alive in the ruthless world of poverty, Amina is now finding healing and learning to sew, thanks to you! She and seven other teenage girls will each be given a sewing machine after they complete the course. These foot-pedaled machines do not require the luxury of electricity, so Amina and her colleagues can use them to earn income no matter what their housing situation is!

Through your giving to Heaven’s Family’s Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry, you have given Amina hope in the midst of adversity. Thank you!

Directors of the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

Burt and Patty Forney
Directors, Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

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