A Thankful North Korean Heart

14 Dec

At Heaven’s Family-supported “safe houses,” North Koreans receive shelter—and the gospel (photo not taken at a safe house)

Dear Friends,

Heaven’s Family supports several “safe houses” for North Koreans entering China. Some come legally, while others do so illegally, but all pursuing the same hope: to find relatives in China who can offer them food and money to bring back to their families in impoverished North Korea. At the safe houses, North Korean visitors find shelter, food and—something they don’t expect—the gospel. After new believers are discipled and are ready to return to North Korea, we often provide them with food and other necessities to bring back to their families.

The following are excerpts of a letter we received from one of our safe-house visitors. She stayed over 3 months, received Jesus, and was discipled so that she can continue her faith in North Korea. We hope her words will be as encouraging to you as they were for us.

While visiting in China, I have come to know Jesus and accepted him as my Lord in my heart. Words cannot express how grateful I am to know God whom I have never imagined before. In a word, “a great earthquake in my life” would be a more correct expression.

My late husband died of cancer. For his treatment, we even sold our house and I with my two daughters have been barely making a living. How grateful for God, who…has embraced me in his bosom and accepted me as his daughter…. I am so happy to have my life re-energized by the sweet and wonderful Word and to trust in Jesus. I am leaving [the safe house] having truly learned a lot and been enlightened for the past 100 days.

And another grateful thing is receiving flour, rice, clothing, and shoes through, which I have not even dreamt of. Though like a debtor’s heart, I feel uneasy getting help with many goods, I am only grateful considering it as yet another love of God. In fact, you are an utter stranger who has not a drop of blood mixed with me, but being one family through the blood of Jesus, you have helped and treated us warmly like one’s own flesh and blood.

I request prayers. Pray that the door to the gospel be open soon in my country too so that it becomes blessed, that God reigns in. Pray that I keep my faith in whatever hardship or persecution as I return to my country and preach the gospel as much as I have learned.

Thank you for helping the gospel penetrate North Korea!

In Him,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, North Korean Christians Fund

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