A Tip that Turned Manuel

11 Feb

A Tip that Turned Manuel

Manuel, sitting down and enjoying a hot lunch. Previously, he had been living in the streets, eating any scraps he could find to survive.

A Tip that Turned Manuel

Feeding a boy’s transition from the streets of Mexico

“Will you take him in?” the social worker asked. “His mother is in jail and his stepfather [in reality his mom’s live-in boyfriend] won’t take him,” she continued. Nicole, our Heaven’s Family missionary to Mexico agreed, as she usually does…God will provide are the words she lives by. The social worker had received a tip earlier about a little boy living on the streets, and knew that Nicole had a soft heart, and hopefully a bed.

Manuel arrived at The Village, Nicole’s Christian home for children with sad stories, looking thin and undernourished, and with a glue-sniffing habit. Manuel had lived in a one-room shack his mom and her alcoholic boyfriend, a man that would often beat and choke Manuel with electrical cords. It was no surprise, therefor, that Manuel spent a lot of time in the streets.

When kids like Manuel arrive at The Village they act defensively, not sure whom they should trust. Sometimes they lash out—full of hate and anger because of the physical and emotional violence they’ve received in the past. Their bodies must be detoxified from glue or other addiction, and provided with nutritious food and lots of consistent love.

Nicole and her staff provides the love, and the Food Ministry provides Manuel with the nutrition he needs to restore his young body. He’s also hearing about the love of Jesus for the first time in his life. Manuel is improving.

Manuel has experienced some emotional healing, and Nicole hopes that Manuel will soon come to know Jesus and learn to forgive those who hurt him. Nicole also hopes to eventually bring his mom to The Village so that she, too, can find healing and restoration in Jesus’ love.

Thank you so much for your gifts to the Food Ministry—every gift helps. You are making an impact!

Manuel, the day the authorities dropped him off at The Village

Manuel, hanging out with some of the other boys

Furthering His Kingdom together,

Diane Scott
Director, Food Ministry

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