A trip to the Zoo

All the children of Living Hope Orphanage with an elephant at the local zoo.

The school year is over for children in Myanmar, and for them—just like it is for every child around the world—that means it’s time to celebrate the successful completion of another year! The children of Living Hope Orphanage in Yangon decided to celebrate by taking a trip to the zoo and a local amusement park!

On their ride home at the end of the day, the children chatted nonstop about all they saw and experienced that day. The director told us that even though the entire day was filled with excitement and activity, the children didn’t feel tired at the end of it! (That’s what kids always say!)

Check out the photos below to get a peak into their fun-filled day!

For the children,

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

The children didn’t bring swim suits with them on that hot day, but that didn’t stop them from cooling off in the amusement park’s waterfall!

Riding horses on the merry-go-round was certainly fun, but Carol Joy (the little girl in the dark blue dress) and her friends weren’t so sure the ride was a good idea!

After a long day of fun, Living Hope kids took over a nearby restaurant to enjoy a meal together


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  • Tenney Singer

    I love seeing the kids and their activities. Makes me want to go back again and visit them. So glad they can get this kind of opportunity through Heaven’s Family!

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