A Warm Celebration!

12 Apr

East Gate Colony residents warming themselves around an open fire, their only source of heat

A Warm Celebration!

Warming hearts and bodies in a remote leprosy colony in China

Dear Friends,

Recently Pastor Paul Fang and his wife, Lisa, celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary in the same way they began both their courtship and their marriage: by sharing it with the leprosy-afflicted patients who reside at East Gate Leprosy Colony. That’s because they’ve come to love these saints as members of their own extended family, not clients of their “ministry” or “job.”

Paul and Lisa came to impart more than the warmth of conjugal bliss to these societal outcasts, however. This past winter in China was unusually harsh and frigid, and the only source of heat in these colonies is an outdoor fire. As a practical expression of the love of Jesus, then, the Fangs brought with them another kind of warmth—winter coats—made possible because of help from Heaven’s Family’s Leprosy Ministry. The gifts were delivered as part of their monthly distribution of rice.

And the coats were received with ecstatic joy! This was the first time they had received new clothes of any kind—normally they only receive old, worn clothing. It was another act of love, one that was very warmly appreciated! As the day unfolded, Paul and Lisa ministered to them in prayer and sang songs around the campfire. Most of the residents of this colony are followers of Jesus, but Pastor Paul reports that they are all very hungry for the Lord.

At left, Pastor Fang and his bride, Lisa, take their wedding party to celebrate at the Yunnan Province leprosy colony in 2011; at right, you may recall hearing about Sister Wang a while back, and the sewing machine she uses to make bandages for other patients

At left, Sister Wang joyfully received a new jacket for herself and one for her blind friend; at right, a resident sporting the warm jacket that now helps him fight the harsh winter

You, dear donors, have helped to kindle fires in their hearts by reminding them that they have a heavenly family around the world that cares for them. Thank you once again for your kindness and generosity. I think God’s heart must be “warmed” too!

Serving together with Him,

Carole Collins
Director, Leprosy Ministry

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