A Widow’s Dream

In some African countries, the acquired wealth of a man belongs to his parents and male siblings at his death. If there aren’t any male siblings or parents who survive him, his wealth goes to his male relatives. His wife and children do not have a claim on any of the material possessions that were gained by their husband and father. The widow does have the option of marrying a brother or male cousin to keep the wealth in the family, but if she refuses, she is cast out and left with nothing. Of course, many Christian widows will not become a second wife or marry a nonbeliever. This was the story of Philagona.

Philagona was married to Wafula for ten years and had three beautiful children—two girls, Diana and Daisy, and one son, Davis. Tragically, in 1999 Wafula contracted a severe case of malaria and died. Philagona and her children found themselves homeless and penniless. (I will never understand how a grandparent could take the home and belongings of their grandchildren and leave them destitute, but this is common in some African nations!)

african woman in kenya with child by her house
Philagona and her grandson outside their one-room home

Philagona took any small job she could find just to put food on her table. For shelter, she rented one room of a building made of dung and clay. Primary school is provided by the government in Kenya, but secondary schools cost money, so her daughter Diana had to drop out because she couldn’t afford the school fees.

With the help of a few caring friends, Philagona took a course in sewing and tailoring. Her dream was to open up her own shop and sew women’s clothing, men’s suits and table cloths. As the saying goes, “It takes money to make money.” Philagona didn’t have any money, so her dream seemed impossible.

Thanks to you, however, Philagona now owns two sewing machines and rents a business place where she started her own tailoring shop just last month. Her shop will provide for all the needs of her growing family, and she is already thinking of ways to expand her business to hire some other needy believers!

african woman in kenya starts sewing business with grant
Philagona is so happy with her new sewing machine and shop

Truly, God has made a way for Philagona and her family, creating a river in the desert. Thank you for helping to make Philagona’s dream a reality!

In the past nine months fifty-six widows have been helped in five different nations because of your compassion. Thanks so much.

To Jesus belongs all the glory,


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  • Lisa Wray

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy & appreciate your e-mail reports from around the world. It makes it so much easier to picture what you are doing and to see how our donations are being put to use helping people when we can see their actual faces and hear their personal stories.
    Thanks for keeping us up on what’s going on and for spreading the love of Jesus all over the world!

  • Becky

    Thanks Lisa for your kind comments! I wish that you could actually see with your own eyes and smell with your own nose the poverty and conditions that so many of our own spiritual family live in! I know traveling there is not a possibility for many of our supporters and friends, so this is the best that we can do to relay their stories to you. It is an encouragement to know that God is using their stories to make an impact. Without your giving these people would not be helped. We thank God for your compassion!

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