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June 2011 Issue

A Win-Win Situation

The National Missionary Fund at Work in Myanmar

David Growden, National Missionary Ministry


Win Win Myat

Peter Cung is a Heaven’s Family-sponsored national missionary. He knows that God has called him to serve his own people in Myanmar. So every day, he ministers to the poor and preaches the gospel, and he often sees people repent and make Jesus their Lord. He knows from experience that not everyone responds to God’s invitation the first time, so he is patient.

Peter had no idea, however, that a little 60-year-old woman would test his patience 30 times. That little woman is a widow named Win Win Myat.

Win Win was a well-respected, charitable Buddhist who took care of her four grandchildren. When Peter told her that she had to put her faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation, she replied, “All religion is good and all gods are great; those who are doing good works can expect their god can save them. I believe them all.”

Over the next weeks and months, Peter didn’t forget about Win Win. He continued to tell her about Jesus, and she continued to repeat the same answer—another 29 times. So Peter prayed that God would get her attention. And He did.

Win Win’s poor health began to fail even more. Breathing became difficult for her, and she couldn’t sleep or eat. One very restless afternoon following several sleepless nights, she desperately cried out: Lord, if you are really the only living God, the way, the truth and the life, please heal me so that I may know and believe you for my whole life. She waited, wondering if her prayer would be answered.


Win Win Myat and HF national missionary Peter Cung

That night she fell into a deep sleep. As she dreamed, the Holy Spirit told her that peace would come from God alone, and that because of her seed of faith, she would be healed. When she awoke, her sickness was gone. She also felt very hungry, and she ate a huge meal—more than she’d eaten in months. When Peter returned to her house, she joyfully reported to him, “The Spirit of God healed me completely and revealed to me that He is alive! Therefore I believe in Him and I received Him as my personal Lord and Savior. I want to take water baptism.” With joy, Peter baptized her.



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