Abigail’s Ambition

25 Oct

Abigail, a three-year-old whose keenest wish is to attend school with all the “big kids”

Abigail’s Ambition

Growing students in a leprosy community

Dear Friends,

A teacher couldn’t hope for a better student. Excited to learn, eager to participate, willing to follow instructions—all those attributes describe Abigail. The only problem is she’s just 3 years old, and therefore not old enough to attend school.

Don’t tell that to Abigail, however. She’s not letting age discrimination stop her! And her persistence has paid off: teachers, to whom she’s endeared herself, allow her to tag along with the older kids and “play school.” Abigail might be considered the first mascot of Frobel’s Garden School, a special school that teaches the unaffected children of parents with leprosy—kids who are either not allowed in public schools or are mistreated if they do attend, all because of the stigma and ignorance surrounding leprosy.

Abigail is the daughter of Sarah and granddaughter of Prasana, our dedicated wound-care “nurses” who tend to leprosy patients all over Hyderabad, India. We have watched this precious little girl grow physically, but her aspirations have grown even faster. When I accompanied the students to the school last spring, I understood why Abigail wants to attend so badly: It is a delightful, well-ordered Christian academy run by a dedicated administrator who comes from a family of loving educators.

I want to thank you once again for giving these students a future and a hope through your support of the Leprosy Ministry. Each year more of them graduate, and Heaven’s Family is continuing to sponsor many of them for vocational training and, in some cases, college.

And yes, even Abigail will need a sponsor before too long so that she too can enjoy this wonderful opportunity. 🙂

Together with Him,

Carole Collins
Director, Leprosy Ministry

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