Abundance in North Korea

Usually the only way rural North Koreans can travel is by taking the local “bus,” which is a bumpy ride in the back of a truck

Dear Friends,

The North Korean Christians Fund recently made a loan to several families in various locations so that they could each start up a fried-bread-making business. Yong Sook and his wife were one of the loan recipients. They started their business last spring and already the business is prospering! Here is a testimony we received about their success:

Yong Sook not only was able to provide for his own family, but he also could help poor relatives and family, as well as street children. The general situation in that country didn’t seem to change any. People are still suffering poverty and hunger. Yet [God’s] hand is upon Yong Sook and his family, and they can be like a refreshing river in the desert for themselves and others!”

Thank you for helping to provide opportunity to our brothers and sisters in North Korea. The blessing you gave is multiplying into a blessing for many others!

In Christ,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, North Korean Christians Fund

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