Abundant Life

A village in South Sudan enjoying clean water
Enjoying clean water—you provided—for the first time

Abundant Life

How you brought life-giving water to destitute believers in South Sudan

Dear Family,

Water was a huge problem for the people of Kwaria, an impoverished village in South Sudan. There is a growing church-planting and disciple-making movement among the Toposa ethnic group who live here. Christian disciples from this village have started more than 10 Bible study groups in neighboring villages.

But they had no clean water source. They drank surface water from seasonal rivers and from hand dug wells in the dry season. Illness and death from typhoid and cholera were common.

Drinking from dirty water in South Sudan
The not-so-good ole days

Thanks to your generous gifts, however, we have drilled a deep well to provide clean, safe abundant water for the entire community! The people are rejoicing and giving thanks to God. Health improved immediately. No longer do women and children need to waste days searching for water…and sometimes finding none.

Dedication of new well
The believers of Kwaria dedicating their new well

Cosmo Lokenei, a chief in Kwaria, told us, “Before we got this well there was too much sickness, cholera killed some of us and our children. Ten or more people had to wash their hands in one basin. Our women went long distances to fetch water. Evil men have done much to them that it is a shame to mention. Thank you for saving our society.

Diane Scott
Director, Safe Water Ministry

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