Aliah’s Prayer

16 Oct

representative picture of Aliah, a syrian refugee and mother, praying
Aliah, a Syrian refugee and mother of 3 young children, found the Lord through a simple prayer of healing

Aliah’s Prayer

The Lord uses a simple prayer of healing to bring an entire family to Him

Dear Friends,

Aliah and her family were forced to flee from their home. ISIS had invaded Syria and, in the chaos that ensued, thousands of displaced Syrians desperately evacuated to nearby regions, quickly occupying any available shelters as they sought ways to provide for their families. Thankfully, Aliah was able to find a small room to rent where she and her three children could find some sort of refuge. Although unsuitable for a family of four, it was all she could afford.

Money was scarce. Aliah had begun to worry about how she was going to provide for her children when she heard of a church who welcomed refugees with loving arms, and that they were passing out food parcels on a monthly basis. Aliah recalls that each month, as she would return to the church for a new parcel, she felt a wave of peace that she didn’t feel anywhere else. So she decided to attend a Sunday morning service to discover the source of this mysterious peace.

The service Aliah attended changed her life forever. She was mesmerized by the beautiful singing as the words whispered love to her heart. She listened attentively to the sermon and learned of how Jesus performs miracles, and that he answers our prayers if we but only ask. Of all the things this impoverished woman could have prayed for, she selflessly chose to ask this Jesus to heal her mother. She closed her eyes and prayed, “God, heal my mother by the name of Jesus Christ,” and left church that Sunday feeling an immense joy.

Shortly thereafter, at her mother’s next doctor appointment, Aliah rejoiced in awe as her mother sat stunned by the report from her doctor. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her mother’s body! She no longer suffered from disease! Aliah boldly explained to her mother that she had prayed to Jesus Christ to heal her body and that it was He who had made her mother whole.

The following Sunday, Aliah shared the powerful testimony of how God had miraculously healed her mother. Aliah now attends church services regularly—as do her children and her mother!

Thank you for supporting us in our mission to meet the needs of the numerous displaced people living in Syria. The love shown to them has opened up so many doors to share the Gospel—and hearts are hungry. The Refugee Ministry is feeding the hungry, which temporarily sustains hungry stomachs, through which hearts begin to open to being fed in their spirit—which will last for eternity.

May Jesus be glorified in Syria!


picture of becky servant, director of the refugee ministry

Becky Servant
Director, Refugee Ministry

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