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10 Oct

orphans at trinity orphanage

Dear Friends,

If you are a sponsor of one of the eleven precious children at Trinity Orphanage in Myanmar (pictured above), you’ll be happy to know that they are all very excited about getting a new place to live. Below is a photo of their current home. It is the most heart-breaking orphanage building I’ve ever visited. The inside was even worse than the outside. It seemed more akin to a place you would put farm animals rather than people. Inside is one large room, and all eleven orphans, plus the orphanage director and his wife, sleep on thatched mats over a rough wooden floor. Now during the rainy season, the roof is leaking badly.

orphanage for myanmar

Two months ago, the director asked us if we could do anything to help him with a new building. As always, we knew there was nothing we could do, but we knew there was something that the Lord could do, so we prayed. I’m happy to report that early this month we sent Trinity Orphanage $10,000 to begin construction on a very nice new dormitory which they will build on their own land. And the final $2,500 they will need to complete the project is already in our hands as well, to be sent next month. Praise God! Trinity Orphanage is already self-sufficient in rice because of eight acres of rice paddies that we previously purchased for them.

You may be tempted to think that there is one wealthy donor who sends us big contributions each month to make these kinds of projects regularly possible. But that is not the case at all. Every month we witness God use different people, most of whom we have never met! It is amazing. And part of the money for these special projects is always provided by those who are investing in the Heaven’s Family Mutual Fund. God is truly “the father of the fatherless” (Ps. 68:5).

That is why we appreciate it when you forward our monthly e-newsletters to your compassionate friends. You never know who might end up reading them and being used by the Lord to show His love to some little followers of Christ in Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kenya or Tanzania. 100% of every gift we receive is sent to the orphanages overseas, as all administrative costs are paid by the general fund of our parent ministry, Heaven’s Family.

“Prevention is Better Than Care”!

We received lots of thanks for the mosquito nets that you made possible for us to give to all our orphans in Myanmar. Here are some unedited excerpts from two letters from orphanage directors. The second one is a little humorous, but remember that English is not the primary language in Myanmar:

We thankfully received your many mosquito-nets. How good God is! The children pray for bed sheet, pillow, blanket, and mosquito-net. Now one of their prayers is fulfilled. God never fail any body. I hope you and your working partners are in good health.

Thank you so much for giving us moskito net for every children home. We all are very thankful to you. It is so important for us. In our place this is one of the most we need to prevent from malayria. Since the moskito have having malayria desease. So you prevent us from malayria. Their is a proverd that “prevention is better then care”. Once again thank you so much for your love concern to the children.

Christmas Gifts for the Children

Christmas is only about sixty days away! We have the perfect gift for you to give your loved ones who already have everything. My daughter, Charity, has designed a new gift card by which you can make a contribution to Orphan’s Tear in honor of another person. Everything is set up at the Orphan’s Tear website under “Make a Difference>Gift Cards.” Or just click here and you’ll be there.

We can mail your gift card to you or to the recipient of your gift. All the money that Orphan’s Tear receives from the gift cards is divided up among the orphanages so that every one of our children, sponsored and unsponsored, will receive something this year for Christmas, which will no doubt be their only gift. Generally the orphanage directors buy the children clothes, shoes or blankets with the special Christmas money we send them.

gift cards for orphan

Making a contribution to Orphan’s Tear in honor of your loved one is like giving a Christmas gift to Jesus, who said, “When you did it unto one of the least of these My brethren, you did it unto Me.” Another benefit is that your loved ones will learn about Orphan’s Tear and perhaps be motivated to sponsor their own child! Everybody wins!

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

As always, a heartfelt thank you to every child sponsor, every contributor to the Special Gifts Fund, and every investor in the Heaven’s Family Mutual Fund. We appreciate your compassion and sacrifice.

For the children,


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