An Anniversary to Celebrate

30 Sep

An Anniversary to Celebrate

One very happy student!

An Anniversary to Celebrate

Watching fruit ripen at a school in Mathare Slum, Kenya

Dear Friends,

Just over a year ago, in response to a special letter from David Servant, many friends generously contributed to a primary and secondary school in the Mathare slum with conditions like no other I’ve ever visited. At the time, their test scores were in the lowest percentile of the whole country of Kenya. That was not for lack of effort by the teachers or principal, but because in their great compassion they refused to turn away children who could not afford tuition. That resulted in a very poor school that lacked many basic supplies.

I’m happy to report that, thanks to your compassion, the schools have received some greatly needed improvements, such as electricity, a repaired roof, and school books for all the children—not just 1 or 2 books per class.

Many very happy students!

Now that we have taken care of the schools’ most immediate pressing needs, we are working on longterm strategies to increase school income and overall quality of education.

To do this we have started a sponsorship program for the children of this school, and already have a few sponsored. Each sponsorship pays for a child’s tuition, which will allow the school to pay their teachers instead of relying primarily on volunteers. These sponsorships are already increasing the quality of education and slowly bringing in more relatively affluent slum children who can afford to pay tuition. As we soon pass the one-year anniversary of the school receiving proper curriculum, we hope to see their test scores skyrocket!

Thank you so much for helping bring this school hope and life!

On their behalf,

CJ McDaniel
Director, Education Fund

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