An Embarrassing Moment

31 Jul

Pastor Widelson (at right) and his wife (at left) with the children of Mt. Zion

An Embarrassing Moment

Discovering the need for improvements at an orphanage in Haiti

Dear Friends,

When I arrived at Mt. Zion Orphanage in Haiti last month, I caught myself thinking, I’m glad no Orphan’s Tear donors are here with me! That’s a rare thought, because almost without exception I’m wishing you could be along with me. But that day I wanted to cry as I witnessed some deplorable conditions there, and I felt embarrassed that we hadn’t taken care of these needs sooner! It had been a while since I last visited Mt. Zion, and I felt horrible that the needs even existed.

At left, the bunk beds the kids were sleeping on were falling apart, and the mattresses were so old that they had holes in them; at right, the bathroom doorways only had shabby tarps that offered little privacy, not doors!

I learned from Pastor Widelson, the director of Mt. Zion, that prices in Haiti are so high that our support just isn’t enough to make improvements to the orphanage. Our support mainly goes just to provide meals and schooling.

Thankfully it’s not too late to do something now!

So I’d like to provide the opportunity to help improve the conditions for the children at Mt. Zion Orphanage now. Below are a few special projects that you can be a part of if you choose, and I promise to send you updated photos of the changes as soon as the improvements are made!

For the children,

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

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