Give and It Shall be Given Unto You

17 Dec

Give and It Shall be Given Unto You

Pastor’s conference in Kayanza province in Burundi, East Africa“How much did you give?” Bienvenu asked each member of his house church as he rifled through his wad of money. Whatever amount each believer replied, Bienvenu plucked out bills totaling twice that figure, and placed those bills in his or her hand. The members were bewildered by what was taking place.Bienvenu had just collected an offering from each of his four house churches for a pastor’s conference he would conduct in the tiny country of Burundi in East Africa. The materially-poor house church members had sacrificially given $341 to cover the cost of the conference, which would provide sound Biblical teaching, one meal each day, a humble place to sleep, and a copy of David Servant’s book, The Disciple-Making Minister.When David Servant heard of Bienvenu’s conference plans in Cibitoke province and his desire to duplicate the effort in Bujumbura and Kayanza provinces, Heaven’s Family quickly sent Bienvenu $682, and David instructed Bienvenu to give back to each house church member twice the amount each had given in the first offering. Then David asked Bienvenu to receive another offering in order to help fund his second and third conferences.

Bienvenu did just that and reported back to David; “They gave $410, which is bad because some of them did not have enough faith to give more.” Although he now had enough money to do the second pastor’s conference, he was anxiously anticipating getting all $682 back, and possibly more, to provide for both the second and third conference.

Bienvenu strongly requested David Servant to, “Once again, raise the faith of my people.” David sent Bienvenu funds — this time $820, twice what the house church members gave. Bienvenu repeated the cycle of giving each member twice the amount that each had given in the second offering. This time Bienvenu was happy to report that, “they gave it all.” All $820 was given back in the third and final offering making it possible to do the second and third conferences in neighboring provinces.

Burundian pastors, who were blessed to receive a copy of The Disciple-Making Minister

Brother Bienvenu has distributed 750 copies of The Disciple-Making Minister to pastors in the Kirundi language, of which he did the translation. He is a champion for the cause of Christ, with a burning desire to help equip pastors and help revive their ministry, the same way that The Disciple-Making Minister has helped revive his own ministry.

Thank you for your financial support that is going into all the world to make disciples as our Lord raises up Bienvenus in many nations, tribes, and tongues.

Together in the Master’s Plan,

David Warnock
Director, Books for Pastors Fund

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