Another Life You’ve Changed

28 Feb

Food aid sent to help feed starving Christians in North Korea

Dear Friends,

Mal-Chin is one of the thousands of believers in North Korea whose life has been changed as a result of your compassion.

After serving his required time in the military, Mal-Chin found a job as a truck driver delivering food and other goods. But when food distribution stopped in the early 1990s due to widespread famine in North Korea, Mal-Chin lost his job.

In desperation, he began smuggling goods across the border from China to feed his family. During one such trip, Mal-Chin met Mr. C who began telling him the good news of the God who provides.”I heard the gospel for the first time and believed Jesus in my heart” he told us.

North Korea is currently suffering through another cycle of famine, largely due to corrupt and ineffective policies of the communist government. Mal-Chin is 53 years old now, but he and his family are sustained through the gifts of caring members of his spiritual family around the world.

In a recent letter, Mal-Chin wrote,”I am very grateful that Christians in other countries are helping the hungry people of North Korea. Please pray for the peaceful unification of Korea so that I can openly proclaim God’s goodness to North Korean people.”

Thank you again for caring for suffering North Korean believers.

Elisabeth Walter
Director, North Korean Christians Fund

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