Another month of food

21 May

Another month of food

Picture of Mexican children with food on their hands.
Just a few of the more than 40 children in Mexico to whom you’ve helped to provide daily food and milk.

Another month of food

You’ve fed abused and abandoned children in Mexico

Dear Family,

We have a valued partner in Puebla, Mexico who focuses on rescuing children from sexual exploitation. These victims have suffered terrible abuse, chronic neglect, and/or total abandonment. When we can rescue them from the evil clutches of exploitation on the streets, we can set them on a path toward thriving and prepare them to be all God has planned for them to be!

It takes a lot of love, patience, and devotion to help these children cope with all the trauma they have experienced. They also need good food to recover from their abuse and become strong.

Your gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry provide these children with healthy meals each day so that their little bodies can heal. At the same time, they are showered with love and medical care, and they learn about Jesus who loves them so dearly.

All the precious children we are caring for and ministering to in Mexico have a message for you: “Thank you once again for feeding us all for another month!”

So grateful for YOU!

Diane Scott
Director, Food Ministry

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