A Hostile Reception


North Korean Christians Fund

Once again, in 2014, light dispelled darkness in North Korea, thanks to everyone who contributed to our North Korean Christians Fund. The deepest gratitude comes from our courageous, on-the-ground partners whom you strengthened and sustained in their perilous work. Here are just a few...

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Abandoned by Country, Remembered by Christians

Eli walked home, head and shoulders drooped in despair. The North Korean government, headed by a man-deity whom Eli was lead to believe would always provide, had abandoned him in his time of greatest need. Looking at his military uniform, worn from years of faithful service, Eli wondered if it really had been all for nothing.

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Flight to Freedom

Mi Young lay on the muddy riverbank, wet, shivering, and exhausted, clutching her teenage son, Jae. They had just done the unthinkable: under cover of darkness, they'd illegally swum across a river that separates North Korea from China—without being shot by border guards. Now, however, it seemed that hypothermia might succeed where border guards had failed.

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Part-Time Work, Eternal Benefits

My name is Kyan. I’m 45 years old. I have a wife and two children. That may not interest you, nor will my lowly day job…but perhaps my part-time work will. You see, I’m a smuggler for the underground church in North Korea. In 2007, I began illegally crossing the border of North Korea into China to find food for my family, just like many other desperate families have to do. During my visits, I met kind Christians who helped me gather the supplies I came searching for. They also invited me to attend their secret worship services where I met Jesus Christ. My new friends even opened a safe house near the border where those like me could be discipled in our new faith.

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