Dropping in on a new life

Image of Mercy and baby

A Second Rescue

Judith, Heaven’s Family’s Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry's trusted partner in Jinja, Uganda, has ministered to women for over a decade. Her weekly discipleship meetings have become a lifeline for people whose lives are riddled with poverty and extreme hardship. These groups have now multiplied throughout Uganda!

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Image of girl in Myanmar rescued from trafficking

Light in Darkness

Life in Myanmar was difficult for Ei Zin. Her parents divorced when she was 16, and her mother's severe heart condition resulted in insurmountable debt from medical bills. Ei Zin found herself financially responsible for her mother and herself, so she began working in a factory where she could earn just enough money for food and rent.

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Image of Giann Smiling

Found by Her Heavenly Father

Giann lives in the Philippines, and her childhood has been riddled with trauma. Her father was imprisoned for murder when she was only four years old. She was able to attend school until her mother died, but then her life changed forever. Her stepfather’s new girlfriend came to live with them, and Giann was forced to do the household chores and was ruthlessly beaten over the smallest things. She had no food on the rare days when she was able to get to school at all. A kind teacher noticed her hunger and helped with her lunch.

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Image of girl in Guatemala rescued out of human trafficking


Carla was among the most vulnerable people in her Guatemalan community. She had both physical and intellectual disabilities and absolutely no one to protect her. Unbelievably, the people who were supposed to be caring for her at the institution where she was living tied her to a gurney and sold her for sex!

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Picture of Suzan smiling

Restoring a Lost Smile

Suzan would sleep on the cold dirt floor as her mother fulfilled the sexual desires of both men and women. If a customer was present in the daytime, Suzan and her sisters would have to stand watch for any other prospects and keep them entertained until their mother finished with her previous client.

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Picture of Julia from the Philippines worshipping God

Shattered, Then Restored

Born into a stable family in the Philippines, Julia had a happy family life until age 13, when her grandfather and cousin started to abuse her sexually. This abuse continued for three years! As a result, Julia’s behavior changed markedly. She went from a carefree child to a hopeless teenager numbing her emotional pain with alcohol. Everything about her choices was a cry for help!

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Picture of Anna Formerly trafficked girl Myanmar

A girl learns to trust again

As directors of the Heaven’s Family Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry, we hear heartbreaking stories of children who have endured unthinkable pain. But because of you, these stories are ending in transformation and hope! Here’s a report from our partner in Myanmar.

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