How Grace Received Grace to Heal

Image of rescued victim of trafficking

The Sound of Freedom

We recently watched the powerful movie, "Sound of Freedom," and it moved us deeply. It tells the true story of a brave federal agent named Tim Ballard, who risked everything to rescue a brother and sister abducted and trafficked in Colombia. It was a painful movie to watch, but sadly, for many children in our world, this is an all too common reality. Vulnerable and innocent children are torn away from their families and forced into a cruel world of sexual addiction, organ harvesting, and child slavery.

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Image of Maria and her child

Maria’s Story: From Darkness to Hope in Guatemala

Greetings from Guatemala! After visiting with our second ministry partner in this country, we were overjoyed to see firsthand the quality of love and care shown to children who have suffered unspeakable pain. Below is Maria's story, as told by our partner:

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Image of rescued victim of slavery in Vietnam

Tricked into Slavery … and Rescued

Hua Lin used to live in a small, cramped apartment in Vietnam, where she worked at a factory job. But one morning, she found the factory padlocked when she showed up for work. One thousand workers were laid off with no advance notice and left to fend for themselves because of COVID-19.

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Image of Mercy, former victim of Sexual Violence

A Source of Mercy

She slept until some intoxicated men barged in and stole what they wanted: her innocence, her virginity, her future. She was only 15. Oh, the irony—this victim named Mercy was now in deep need of God’s mercy amidst the shame she was forced to carry through no fault of her own. All she had done was to go to sleep.

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