Generations of Blessings and Love


Rising from the Rubble

The people of Nepal are still reeling from the April 2015 earthquake and its aftershocks. Untold thousands of homes crumbled; and so did the lives of many, including those of leprosy patients who already lived on the teetering, thin edge of existence where mere survival is a challenge.

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Wedding Bells Ring!

I always love visiting the children each time I travel to India! As I look into their faces—each one sponsored so they can attend a private Christian school because, as the offspring of parents with leprosy, they are ostracized at public schools—I'm filled with joy knowing that we are giving them a future they would otherwise never know.

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A Warm Celebration!

Recently Pastor Paul Fang and his wife, Lisa, celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary in the same way they began both their courtship and their marriage: by sharing it with the leprosy-afflicted patients who reside at East Gate Leprosy Colony. That's because they've come to love these saints as members of their own extended family, not clients of their "ministry" or "job."

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A Grateful Graduate

Having just returned from Goma, DR Congo, with my husband Bob, where we witnessed the graduation of many women from the Women of Wellness Center (WoW), their faces and stories still flood my mind. Ladies with horrific tales of sexual abuse who had been treated as castaways, believing themselves to be worthless and lacking the strength, self-esteem, and hope to care for themselves and their children, who are often the unwelcome fruit of the violations they've received.

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