The Dirtiest Shirt [David’s 2nd Blog from Myanmar]


The Dirtiest Shirt [David’s 2nd Blog from Myanmar]

Our team is spending the first half of our trip visiting villages in which Heaven's Family has not yet established micro banks. We're making loan deals with village elders that thrill them, because our loans offer their villages opportunities that have previously only been dreams.

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No diaper? No problem! [David’s First Blog from Myanmar]

Greetings from Chin State, Myanmar's poorest region, and home to some very interesting cultures and languages. Many of the people here live in primitive, remote villages that are only accesible by trails that snake through the mountainous terrain. For the most part, Chin State's people are slash and burn subsistence farmers.

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A Brief History of Israel [David’s 5th Blog from Israel]

The modern nation of Israel was birthed on May 14, 1948. We might like to imagine a handful of smiling Jews being handed a deed to their uninhabited ancient homeland by United Nations dignitaries on a sunny day. But that wouldn't be an accurate history. The birth of modern Israel was preceded by hundreds of years of birth pangs. And the birth itself was bloody, to put it mildly. Let me share a short history, because it would seem that, before we take sides on a political issue that has existed for hundreds of years, we ought to at least have a basic understanding of the issue.

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The Regatherings of Israel [David’s 4th Blog from Israel]

I ended my previous blog asking a question: When the modern nation of Israel was birthed in 1948, did God return to the descendants of Israel the sovereign right to the land of Palestine that He gave to (and took away from) their ancient ancestors about 25 centuries ago?

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Meet Mutebi…

"My heart wrenched within me...and I knew we had to do something." With those words Heaven's Family staff member Jeff Trotter reported what he witnessed on his recent trip to Uganda. "Lying on the floor, little Mutebi's head protruded sideways from a thin curtain that divided his 8' by 8' mud-floored home. His clothing and mattress were soiled with his own excrement, but there was no one else at home. That, I learned later, was a typical day for Mutebi."

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Is God a Racist? [David’s 3rd Blog from Israel]

Is modern Israel a divinely-favored nation? For many Christians, the answer is yes. Most of us know the biblical history concerning God's calling of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the latter of whom became the father of Israel's twelve tribes.

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“Is God the God of Jews only?” [David’s 2nd Blog from Israel]

Greetings once again from Israel. I promised in my last blog that I'd give you some more specifics about what Heaven's Family is doing here. But first, I'd like you to know that Heaven's Family's Board of Trustees has recently been working on fine-tuning our Mission Statement, which I believe it will help you understand why we're working here.

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Guess Where I Am! [David’s 1st Blog from a Strange Country]

I'm writing this blog from an unnamed country. A very unusual country. See if you can guess where I am. When I arrived at the international airport and stood before an immigration officer, I requested that she not stamp my passport.

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The Confessions of a Nonprofit Director, Part One

It has now been almost 36 years that I've been serving in vocational ministry. Along the journey, I've learned not just a few lessons. How I wish I could have known 36 years ago what I know now! I would have done so many things differently.

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David Servant takes you to the unreached mountain villages of Burma…

This month, I'd like to share with you a need of a dear friend who is laying his life down to train missionaries to reach hundreds of Burmese villages with the Good News. Burma (also known as Myanmar) is a mostly Buddhist nation in Southeast Asia whose 60,000+ villages are strewn across breathtaking mountain ranges, wide valleys, and fertile deltas. Many of the villages are only accessible on motorbike—or days of hiking on foot. When I've visited some of these villages, I have often been the first person with white skin they had ever seen!

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