Feeding Children and Finding Hope


Feeding the ‘Innocent’ for the Future

Njoro, Uganda - Our ministry partners have been called to serve here in Uganda doing much ministry with families, single moms and others in need, but especially they are serving the children.

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Demonstrating the Love of Jesus Through Clean Water

Haryana, India - Our partners in northern India are called to bring the gospel to northern Indian villages that have never heard of Jesus. This part of India is controlled by militant Hindu followers and India as a nation is rated as an extreme persecutor of believers. Many of these villages are impoverished and lack clean water to drink.

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Image of Emily before being rescued

Born to Shine

Every day you are feeding many kids who have been rescued from abuse, abandonment, and human trafficking in Mexico. You are helping to provide not only regular healthy meals, but also special foods such as high-nutrient drink supplements for new arrivals—children who have just been rescued from the violence and ravages of abuse and trafficking.

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Washing Persecution Away

Lydia (name changed to protect her identity) cried when the Hindu priest cursed her and her sister. He even tried to beat them. Lydia and her sister’s crime? They had shared the gospel of Jesus in their north Indian village.

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