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Nimzawi’s New School

Heaven's Family has been busy this summer helping victims of natural disasters in little corners of the world where no news reporters have ventured—and no government or other aid has reached. Several months ago record monsoon flooding caused widespread destruction in Chin State, Myanmar. Homes were lost, including the school where the three children of Za Tial attended.

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Rockin’ the House Down

BOOM! Deepa's home shook violently, then went quiet. She cautiously peered into the next room of her small, cement-block home to see the cause: A huge boulder had tumbled down the rain-soaked slope behind her house and was now sitting inside her home—right where her 4-year-old daughter had been just moments earlier. It wasn't the last rock to batter their home that day.

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Jeff’s 2015 Video Report: In My Words [A Disaster Relief Ministry Mini-Update]

In January, each of Heaven's Family's 21 Focused Ministry Directors gave a short, 10-minute presentation about their accomplishments in 2015 and their upcoming goals for 2016. We're excited about what the Lord has done, and what He has in store for the remainder of this year!

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110 Thank Yous

It was an emotional, humbling moment. Never before in my 6-plus years as the director of Heaven's Family's Disaster Relief Ministry had I seen such an outpouring of gratitude. My wife, Karin and I were visiting St. Joseph's Christian School last November to check on those we had helped following the terrible earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015. The school is strategically located in a predominantly Hindu village just outside the capital city of Kathmandu, and has been faithfully shining the light of Christ to its students and their families for many years. The school is known to be Christian, but many Hindu families send their children there because of the school's reputation for excellence.

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Orange You Grateful? [Jeff’s 2nd Guest Blog from Myanmar]

After several days of meeting families in villages where Heaven's Family is just beginning to work—and where parents are still sending their children away to institutional child care facilities (aka, orphanages)—it was refreshing to finally visit some villages where Heaven's Family is turning that tide of children through micro-loans. Having first met the people of Maul Zawl and Zatwal, neighboring villages in Northeast Chin State, in 2010, I was excited to see their progress.

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A Tradition We Hope to End [Jeff’s 1st Guest Blog from Myanmar]

The dreaded day is creeping closer for 2 families our team met today in the remote village of Shitkhua, Myanmar (Burma). That's because they both have daughters whom they are preparing to send to orphanages in faraway Burmese cities.

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Wrapped in Love

Our jeep alternately groaned and whined as it transported me and my Nepali partners up, up, up into the misty Himalayan foothills northeast of Kathmandu, winding through lush forests and an occasional village. Many of the homes and other buildings we passed looked as they did right after the earthquake—the owners still waiting for the government to help tear down the fragile, half-collapsed remains.

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