Worthy To Be Robbed


Out of the Darkness

Polite has never been allowed to read the Bible on her own because of the laws of her "church.” These cults teach that women can’t read it, men can only read it at home, and only the priest receives revelation from God. She also can not afford the $16 expense to own a Bible in her own language.

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Perfect Timing

Ethan Wanjala has a bad reputation. He dropped out of primary school after receiving a soccer scholarship. Then his father paid a semester's tuition for a trade school, but Ethan dropped out after a week. Now he's in his early 20s, and due to his bad decisions, many people in his community want nothing to do with him. Though he has worked as a motorbike driver for two years, he has absolutely nothing to show for it. He had an abysmal appearance, remaining unshaven and dressed in filthy clothes. But because of your gift, Ethan will soon look into a mirror and discover who he really is.

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My Encouraging and Confirming Trip

I always enjoy visiting my brothers in East Africa. But I get to hear about these incredible stories every month, so it was a treat to have fresh eyes with me on this trip. Heaven's Family staff members David, Stephen, and Jonas came along and helped to photograph and interview some of the farmers and disciple-makers we work with. It was a joy to see their reactions. I hope this brief trip report stirs your heart in the same way it did theirs.

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Unleashing Babies Increases Pace

"If we go by this same speed and by the same strategies, how many years will it take to reach this nation (India)? It will take hundreds of years." Pastor Thomas told his team. There are 4,000 unreached villages in his state alone. Pastor Thomas wants to reach everyone but realized his current strategy isn't the fastest. He used to train people in Bible school for 4-6 years, then tell them to start a church. After 25 years Pastor Thomas is changing his strategy and moving toward Disciple Making Movements. He is training his church planters to equip new believers to make disciples. This training approach just started in July but we are already seeing its impact.

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You Inspire Hungry Children

Gideo is 14 years old. He grew up in a family that lived in constant hunger. He has 5 siblings. His father Phillipe is a 65-year-old construction worker and his mother Betty is 50. They don't make enough money to send their kids to school and their family only eats one meal a day. That meal isn't enough to satisfy their hunger so they struggle to sleep as their empty stomachs remind them they need more food. But because of you, Gideo's life was about to change and unexpectedly impact his community.

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Image of missionary sharing the gospel with deaf students

Ears To Hear

Jenni is one of Heaven’s Family’s national missionaries in Nepal. One day while she was traveling in the city of Pokhara, she saw a man gesturing with his hands to communicate. She had never known any deaf people, nor had she ever seen someone communicating in sign language. In Nepal, deaf people are generally marginalized.

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