Aching Dawn


Jigger Wars

You don't think much of it at first; it's just a sore spot on the bottom of your foot. Once it becomes a raised white bump with a black dot in the middle, you give it a little touch—and it moves! That's when you realize that you've got a tiny parasite living under your skin known in Africa as a jigger, the world's smallest known flea.

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Bible Baby

When you live on just a few dollars a day—as do most of the world's people—you don't go to the hospital to have a baby. You deliver your children at home, without a doctor, but hopefully with the aid of a neighbor who has at least some experience. And you hope there are no complications.

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“Don’t Send the Money!”

Those are words that Heaven's Family staff members rarely read in the hundreds of weekly communications that we receive from around the world. But I was even more amazed as I continued to read the email from Maung Maung Ta, a Heaven's Family orphanage director in Myanmar: "I've received a miracle—I can walk! Jesus has healed me!"

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