Rose’s New Home

Picture of sexual violence victim and family

The Throw-Away Family

Though Loyosi’s story reads like a horror novel, the words are not fictitious. Her marriage to a Muslim man came to an abrupt end when she became a believer in Jesus. In a fit of rage, the man to whom she had committed her life abandoned her and their three young children.

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Picture of former sex slave in Uganda

Serving the Enemy

At age 14, Santa was abducted by Joseph Kony’s nefarious “Lord’s Liberation Army” in Uganda while riding a bus. Her introduction to these feared rogue soldiers was a bullet through her leg. She was simply going to her Auntie’s village to collect her school fees, but she never made it.

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Picture of women in Africa carrying heavy items on their heads and backs

Laying Her Burden Down

I’ve just returned from another trip to Africa to visit the women and children you’ve been helping so faithfully through the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry. During trips like this, I usually have difficulty putting my camera down. Unforgettable scenes of hardship and poverty reach through my lens to claw at my heart. I often marvel at how the women can expertly balance burdens—some large and heavy—on their heads and backs, while traversing long distances by foot. The struggle to survive is etched on faces, evidence of inner heartache.

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Picture of Anastasia, a girl at Cindi's Hope in Kenya

A Heartbreaking Holiday

Anastasia wasn’t like many of the girls living at Cindi’s Hope in Kenya. She hadn’t been abused or neglected. Instead, she’d been sent by her mom to receive the excellent education and care that Cindi’s Hope provides for many who are less fortunate.

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