Baby Animals!

Children with baby ducks
Zam Siam Dim, Phun Za Sang, and Van Bawi Zing with Grace Orphanage’s new baby ducks.

Most Orphan’s Tear-supported orphanages also raise animals. The sounds of quacking, oinking, and clucking are often heard among children’s laughter, but also an occasional splashing, as some orphanages even raise fish. The animals not only provide income and food for your sponsored children, but they also give the children opportunity to learn about animal care and responsibility—not to mention the fact that animals are also fun to play with!

Just last month we helped two orphanages start pig businesses. Once those pigs are full grown, they can be sold for twice their original price. And when those pigs will have piglets, profits multiply (literally!).

For the children,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

Pigs drinking milk from their mom
Grace Orphanage’s business is exploding: their mama pig just had 11 piglets!

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