Back to School

Lined up for their first day of school at Shalom Orphanage in Myanmar

Dear Friends,

Here in the U.S., the stores are having their back-to-school sales, and parents are buying new clothes for their kids in preparation for the new school year. In Myanmar, however, the kids are already back in school. Not only has the school year already started there, but so has the rainy season. There is no school bus, and so they must wade through flooded streets on their way to school each day. The director of Shalom Orphanage wrote to me:

Every street is full with water. It’s flooding. Some children do not go to the school because of the rain. We are very sorry to tell you that we the parents of Shalom are not affordable to buy the umbrella for the children individually. So three persons share one umbrella.

Sharing one umbrella on the way to school

As you can imagine, all of this water provides the ideal breeding ground for mosquitos:

So, there are so many mosquito and we have a difficult situation. Mosquito bite the children and it make them sick and unfeeling well. And there is another disease that people suffer right now. The disease is called cough, headache and very hot of the body. There are five children who are getting sick in our family. Please pray for them.

And where there are lots of mosquitos, malaria follows. Please keep the children in your prayers, for those who are sick to recover and that no one else will become ill. Your gifts to the Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund will help us provide them with mosquito nets and umbrellas.

Doing the Lord’s Work at School

Besides studying their lessons, the children at New Eden Orphanage in Myanmar have been about the Lord’s work at school. The director recently wrote:

All the children are carrying the good news to their school and sharing to their own friends. Our great work is to carry the good news to every one as much as possible. Also the children are enjoying to tell their friends as well as New Eden is blessed physically as well as spiritually because of that. After their return from school, each children share how they break the day by telling the good news to their unbeliever friends. Please continue to pray for us, so that the New Eden might be carry the good news boldly among unsaved.

We had made new bed for the children as well as table. Now the children are happy for what the Lord did for them. When they saw the Lord’s work, they too eager to share what the Lord has done to their friends. Our children are really willing to speak about good news to every one whom they could reach.

First Time to See a Paved Road

We may take paved roads for granted, but for the children at Yesu Ngwadidi Children’s Home in Malawi, a paved road is a novelty! They recently had the opportunity to take a little road trip:

On the first Sunday in June (the 5th), our Sunday School children at Moving in Faith Church had a trip to Mphatsa. We hired a vehicle to our new church branch, about 25 kilometres away. We cooked rice, eggs and other food beforehand to take with them for lunch. It was exciting for them to ride in a truck and to go down the newly paved road. This year was the first time for them to see a tarred and paved road. They do not often have the opportunity to ride in a vehicle either!!

Introducing a New Orphanage

As you will read about in the September Heaven’s Family magazine, we’ve been able to take on the sponsorship of Zion Orphanage in Myanmar. They recently wrote to tell us how thankful they are about that:

We are praying for Orphan’s Tear about three and half years especially for to be part of your ministry. Since you already blessed one house we are still praying for daily bread for the children. When I read your email one months ago, I am very happy told all our children. God answered our prayer after more than three years. This blessing of bread

will be very meaningful for the children especially for education, daily bread and their future life. I promise that we will use wisely. daughter is already passed training for cook, she cook for the party. We all very happy this special occasion because we ate the food that we never tasted before and we ate many fruits.

Children at Zion enjoying a special feast!

Thanks so Much!

As always, thanks to every orphan sponsor, and to everyone who has given to Orphan's Tear!
Your gifts are making a difference in the lives of orphans, and we are eternally grateful.

For the children,

Charity McDaniel


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