Back to the Front Lines

A young girl in Cambodia who, without the help of Jesus’ followers, would be more vulnerable to traffickers

Dear Friend,

In less than two weeks I’ll be leading a team of five to Cambodia and Myanmar, largely to fight human trafficking.

In Cambodia we’ll be visiting a village where Heaven’s Family is working with a trusted partner to prevent children from becoming victims of the worldwide human trafficking industry and, in the capital city of Phnom Penh, young women we’re assisting who have escaped exploitation and are now beginning new lives through vocational training and discipleship. We’ll also minister in one of the city’s slums, reaching out to the poorest and most vulnerable.

We’ll be visiting the children of K’Baum Village, who we are helping to protect from trafficking

While in Myanmar, we plan to visit a new home dedicated to sheltering the victims of human trafficking—young women and, quite possibly, children, who have been rescued from unspeakable treatment. In this terrible fight there is little hope for change and transformation—neither in the hearts of victims nor their exploiters—except by the power made available through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Then, towards the end of our visit, we’ll several orphanages that HF works with, carrying Jesus’ love to many children!

We’re also carrying gifts from friends who want us to directly bless the work against trafficking. If you wish for us to be your messengers too, click the donate button below. 100% of gifts received in response to this update will go to help those we minister to in Cambodia and Myanmar.

Partnering with Him and you,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Human Trafficking Fund

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