A Bag of Superstition

Picture of Paul and Pan
Pan Fan (right) tried everything he knew, but you helped provide the Missing Piece in his life.

A Bag of Superstition

How one family is trading superstition for Someone better

Dear Family,

Do superstition-related paraphernalia work better if they are put in the right spot in the house? That’s what Pan Fan and his wife tried to find out.

The hills are alive with the sound of superstitions in China. Mr. Pan had tried every superstition he knew of. He even tried strategically moving the altar in his house, full of superstition-related paraphernalia and incense, to three different areas of his house. But he never achieved the results he wanted.

What was Mr. Pan was trying to achieve through these superstitious practices? He wanted to bring healing to his wife, brother-in-law, and two children, all of whom were suffering from a hereditary foot disease that causes the feet to shrivel up.

The Pan family had tried all sorts of medicines and doctors, to no avail.

Mr. Pan and his family are part of the Che-Su people, a tribal group in southern China that has been untouched by the gospel. On two recent trips to the Che-Su people, a team of evangelists supported by Heaven’s Family’s Unreached People Groups Ministry had the opportunity to share the gospel with his family.

The Pan family responded to the message and placed their faith in Jesus as both Lord and Savior. As a result of their repentance, on their own initiative they bagged up their magic trinkets and asked one of the evangelists to throw the bag into the nearby river.

Picture of Mr.Pan and an evangelist supported by our ministry
The bag full of superstitious trinkets is now at the bottom of a river.

Please pray for the Pan family, who will now be discipled through follow-up care. Pray for God to heal their feet and provide for all that the devil has stolen from their lives.

The Tibetans, A-Che, Pulang, Baima, Nisu, and Hani are some of the unreached tribes you are reaching by supporting the Unreached People Groups Ministry. Your prayers make a difference in enabling the gospel to go forward to places where it has not been heard before. Your gifts help send evangelists, make disciples, support indigenous missionaries, meet practical needs, and train leaders.

On behalf of Mr. Pan’s family, thank you!!

Todd Matthews
Director, Unreached People Groups Ministry

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