Banking on Haiti

Dan and Terry teaching the Small Business Training via our Creole interpreter to 171 Haitians

Banking on Haiti

Opening doors of opportunity that have been locked

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago we traveled to the city of Cap Haitien, Haiti, where we conducted our Small Business Training (SBT). This 2-day training was attended by 171 Haitians from the area. Heaven’s Family is blessed to be partnering with Pittsburgh Kids Foundation and IDADEE, an orphanage in Cap Haitien serving more than 120 orphans. Thanks to IDADEE, who helped us plan the SBT, we’ll be starting our first Haitian micro-bank in August!

Vero Mondélus, our newest micro-banker, will head that micro-bank. Vero will be selecting and overseeing 5 borrowers who will each receive 6-month loans. We hope to build a solid foundation with these first borrowers and then expand from there. This will be the first time any of these borrowers will have access to investment capital for their businesses. Vero is now reviewing business plans from newly trained potential borrowers and will select the best to begin the loan process next month.

Finally, we would like to celebrate a new addition to our Micro-Loan Ministry team. My wife, Sarah Shepherd, joined us for her first Heaven’s Family ministry trip. She will be joining our team as a full-time employee about the time you read this. We are looking forward to the skills and experience that Sarah will bring to the growing Micro-Loan Ministry.

Dan, Jack (member of Pittsburgh Kids Foundation), Vero (our new Haitian micro-banker), Sarah and myself

Please continue to pray for us as we multiply and expand micro-banks around the world to help equip the needy through training and small business loans. Stay tuned for more from the Micro-Loan Ministry as we travel to support existing borrowers and start new micro-banks throughout the rest of the year.

Blessings to you,

Isaac Shepherd
Micro-Loan Ministry

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