Beatrice’s Bad Day

Beatrice and her husband, pastor Kenneth Wafula (at center) surrounded by a few members of their extended family

Dear Friends,

Pastor Kenneth Wafula and his wife, Beatrice, live in Kampala, Uganda. While Kenneth shepherds a church, Beatrice tends their flock of nine children, whose ages range from 22 to 4. Four are biological children and five are adopted orphans. Caring for and educating all of the children have been Beatrice’s top priorities, which requires her to earn additional income as a “fishmonger.” Each morning, Beatrice purchases fish at a wholesale market, marks up the price a little, and then delivers them to her regular customers.

Life was good for the Wafula family until last March when Beatrice was returning home from a visit with her sister. She sat sideways on the back of a motorcycle taxi—a common, inexpensive mode of travel in many developing countries—along with a 100-pound bag of corn flour between her and the driver. As he rounded a dangerous bend, the bag slipped off the bike, taking Beatrice with it.

When she regained consciousness, Beatrice discovered that her right thigh bone was broken and her knee cap was exposed. And there was only one mode of travel to the nearest hospital (that was eight miles away)—on the back of that same motorcycle!

God helped Beatrice endure that ride and the difficult recovery that followed, and today her leg is almost healed. Thanks to your gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Critical Medical Needs Fund, Beatrice received $700 to help pay her medical bills. That was a better day!

In His service,

Patti Samuels
Director, Critical Medical Needs Fund

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