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11 Feb

life orphanage in myanmar
The director of Life Orphanage with his wife, their new daughter, and some of their eighteen children.

Dear Friends,

If you are sponsoring a child at Life, Bethel, or El Shaddai Orphanages in Myanmar, I have great news for you. All three orphanages have been renting small homes, where the children and orphanage directors live together under crowded conditions. But last month, we were able to provide funds so that all three orphanages could purchase parcels of land. And construction will soon begin on three brand new buildings that will be much more adequate than the small homes currently being used as orphanages! For this we praise God. Each of these three orphanages consist of about twenty children each.

We currently have nine (yes, nine!) orphanage construction projects in various stages in three countries. Plus we are building a small hospital in Myanmar that will service hundreds of orphans as well as the local population of Kalaymyo. I can hardly believe it myself. If the Lord is leading you to help with these projects, we could use your help. 100% of all contributions to the Special Gifts Fund are used for such projects.

You can view a “Progress Report” video of the hospital. And you can also view a video about one of the nine orphanages for which Orphan’s Tear is funding the construction a new building, Shalom Orphanage, which is featured in that video, will help you understand why we are so motivated to provide better places for our children to live.

orphans ricefield
The directors of Life, El Shaddai, and Bethel Orphanages standing on their new land parcels.

Updated Photos of Your Children

If you are sponsoring a child in Myanmar, we e-mailed you an updated photo in January. If you did not receive a photo of your child, it is probably because we learned in December when we were in Myanmar that your child has been taken in by relatives and no longer lives in an orphanage. We will be sending you a photo of a new child within the next few weeks who will likely be from the same orphanage where your previous child lived. We would have already taken care of this, but we’ve been hindered by some minor technical problems with the Orphan’s Tear website that are just about repaired.

I will be traveling to East Africa in just a few days, and while I’m there I’ll be visiting our orphanages in both Kenya and Tanzania. When I return, we’ll email updated photos to every sponsor of an African child.

If you are sponsoring a child in Pakistan, we hope to have updated photos of your child for you within several months. And I’m scheduled to be in Sri Lanka and India in the Fall of this year, and so sponsors of children in those countries are going to have to be patient!

orphans in myanmar
We have four-hundred children, like those above, waiting for sponsors. Please tell your friends!

This is Your Year to Join us in Myanmar!

Our annual sponsors’ trip to Myanmar is scheduled for November 23 (the day after Thanksgiving) through December 7. We would love to have you join us this year, and so would the hundreds of children you’ll be ministering to in twenty-six orphanages. We’re working diligently to obtain discounted airfares and possible grants for first-time missionaries. So if you are interested, we need to hear from you soon.

A Very Special E-Teaching…

Please be watching for my monthly E-Teaching on the 15th of March, which is one that is all about children. I think you’ll be encouraged by it.

As always, thanks to everyone who is sponsoring a child or children through Orphan’s Tear. Your sponsorship is a divine connection, and you’ll understand that even more when you arrive in Heaven! And thanks to everyone who invests in the Heaven’s Family Mutual Fund or who has given to the Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund. You are demonstrating your love for Jesus as you care for little members of His family!

For the Children,


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