Better than English?

20 Feb

Sister Monica Wabwire, at left, with her sister and brothers in the Lord

Better than English?

When the local language trumps lingua franca

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to announce that members of a house church in Uganda are now reading their own Bibles in their native language—thanks to your gifts to the Strategic Bibles Ministry. The following correspondence, which I received from a Heaven’s Family partner who distributed the Bibles on our behalf, reveals one sister’s gratitude:

Thank you Pastor Kenneth for giving me this Bible in my language. I did not study well to the level of understanding Bibles that are written in English. All my life of salvation I had entirely depended on what I hear others tell me about the Word of God. A preacher preaches in English as another one translates.

I attended a seminar which was to last for 3 days but because I could not understand English yet and there was no translator, I decided to come back home…. Now that the Bible has been translated in our language and are being supplied to us including the church leaders, we do hope that all pastors will now preach in the language that we all understand well to enable us understand what God expects of us.

This Bible is a great blessing to me and all of us in my family. The words are big enough to be read. Each evening after work during my resting time after working in the garden, I get my Bible and start to read and at most cases with my entire family of 7 people. I have since then seen 2 of my children committing their lives to Christ. Thank you Pastor Kenneth. I will continue to read till I get to know well the ways of God

— Sister Monica Wabwire, Nakivamba House Church

Ugandan believers discovering the truth from their own language Bibles

Your support for this ministry provides immeasurable blessing to other believers. Thank you!


Peter Wray
Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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