Mothers with babies in Myanmar received food, formula, safe water and more


A reminder of how your arms of love have reached around the world in 2015

Dear Friends,

A Blessing. That’s the word that keeps coming to my mind when I think about you who have stepped up to help those who’ve struggled to endure great hardship in 2015 because of natural disasters.

Whether it was a fire that swept through a slum in the Philippines, laying waste to the shanty homes of hundreds of poor residents; the huge earthquake that crippled Nepal; or the late summer floods across many parts of Myanmar that dumped never-before-recorded amounts of rain—in some areas it poured down for 8 days and nights, creating landslides that damaged or destroyed whole villages—You were there with food, blankets, baby formula, safe water, medicine, solar-powered lights, metal sheeting to help them build durable shelters…and more.

Most importantly, your gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Disaster Relief Ministry provided encouragement to beleaguered families who learned that their spiritual brothers and sisters cared about them. Your gifts also provided a powerful witness of God’s love for every victim, without discrimination.

Here are a few photos to remind you of the blessing you’ve been to so many in 2015!

I am tremendously grateful to you for sacrificially enabling Heaven’s Family to be there in such times of desperate need. And speaking on behalf of thousands of brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as those who, by your help, have been drawn to Jesus, I thank you.

Because of Him,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Ministry

More of the children you helped…

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