Blind School Blessing

16 Dec

Abigael Chemtai at the Kapenguria School for the Blind.

Dear Friends,

God takes even the worst of circumstances and changes them to orchestrate good and bring lives into His kingdom.

That is exactly what happened with Maria Nekesa, now age 7, who is a dear friend of ours living in Rifiki, Kenya. Maria was left for dead inside a latrine moments after birth, but a passerby heard her cries and rescued her. By the time she was rescued, parasites had already infected her eyes, leaving her with a severe, permanent visual impairment. Heaven’s Family initially helped Maria with some medical expenses about 4 years ago, and now we help pay for her to attend a special blind school in Kapenguria.

Maria gets a ride to and from school from Cleophas, a Heaven’s Family national missionary. He has built a great relationship with Maria during their daily rides together, and she often comes running to him when he arrives, despite her very limited eyesight.

Cleophas has also become good friends with others at the school, including the headmaster. Because of his close work with the school, Cleophas received special permission to hold an evangelistic meeting. As a result, one of Maria’s teachers came to Christ! What Satan meant for evil in trying to destroy Maria at birth, God has turned to good—and with far reaching results.

The story of God’s grace in Maria’s life still brings me great joy, but I also want to tell you about some of her friends who also need our help. Because of financial hardship, many of Maria’s classmates cannot continue to pay tuition, but are in desperate need of the skills that they are learning at this special school. The Christians with Disabilities Fund is now working to meet many of their tuition and material needs. Thank you for making all this possible.

Maria with her grandmother

Nearly blind, Maria can still run to her dear friend Pastor Cleophas

Cleophas ministering to the teacher who gave his life to Christ

Cleophas ministering at the Kapenguria School for the Blind

Visually-impaired children holding stuffed animals brought by Heaven’s Family staff members

In Christ,

CJ McDaniel
Director, Christians with Disabilities Fund

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