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Every month, Heaven’s Family helps far more people than we could ever highlight in our quarterly magazines. For that reason, this blog contains additional photos and stories of some of the “least of these” among our spiritual family whom we’ve recently been blessed to serve.

26 May

A New Building for Life Concern Orphanage

The children of Life Concern Orphanage will have a strong and sturdy building before much longer! The director just sent us this picture of the foundation being laid: This is their old building, destroyed in the cyclone: Click here to help with other natural disaster […]

22 May

Update on Relief

We received an email from our primary contact in Myanmar that showed how our first relief gift was spent. Eight of the orphanages that Orphan’s Tear supports on a regular basis received funds to repair their buildings, and twenty orphanages received emergency help for food, […]

19 May

Update from Victoria Orphanage

We just got a few more photos from Victoria Orphanage. It looks like they’ve done quite a bit of cleaning up since the last photos they sent.

14 May

Update from Life Concern Orphanage

From Life Concern Orphanage: Hoping that you’re fine. As for me and all the kids are saved from the badly typhoon. The shelter of the orphans, toilet and others are badly damaged by the storm. They typhoon affected the price of foods and others. Yangon […]

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