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Every month, Heaven’s Family helps far more people than we could ever highlight in our quarterly magazines. For that reason, this blog contains additional photos and stories of some of the “least of these” among our spiritual family whom we’ve recently been blessed to serve.

29 Aug

Two Bikes

Getting to school is now much easier for Nu Nem and Van Bor, thanks to their new bicycles from Orphan’s Tear. Nu Nem and Van Bor from Love in Action Children’s Home watched their friends pass them on their bicycles each day as they would […]

24 Aug

Hidden Manna

  Due to never-ending government propaganda, North Koreans are generally very suspicious of foreigners Dear Friends, “Ye-jun” was always suspicious of others, and he tried to be a good North Korean citizen—not so much out of patriotism, but from fear, the primary motivational tool employed […]

23 Aug

Waterproof Kitchen!

Emmanuel Orphanage’s new kitchen, including a covered dining area, near completion! Unless your kitchen is in your basement, you probably never have to worry about it flooding. Emmanuel Orphanage’s kitchen, however, had a dirt floor and an old, leaky thatched roof. And because they live […]

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