Heaven’s Family Stories

Every month, Heaven’s Family helps far more people than we could ever highlight in our bi-monthly newsletter. For that reason, this page contains additional photos and stories of some of the “least of these” among our spiritual family whom we’ve recently been blessed to serve.

17 Nov

Myanmar Day 7

Mother and son at the village Dear Friends, Today was a very special day in which our entire team traveled by jeep and motor scooters across the countryside, past rich valleys of rice fields and under the canopy of ancient trees. We eventually turned off […]

16 Nov

Myanmar Day 6

Some intense worshippers at one of the orphanages we visited Dear Friends, Over the past two days we’ve visited ten orphanages, eight of which are already sponsored by Orphan’s Tear and two of which we’re newly “adopting.” Of the eight, we’ve been blessed to purchase […]

14 Nov

Myanmar Day 5

Washing clothes in Myanmar Dear Friends, Today we visited four more of our twenty sponsored orphanages. I’ve been rejoicing in the improvements in the lives of the children, as I have the unique perspective among our team of having visited all of these same orphanages […]

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