Blossoming Babies

30 Dec

Kayla, Kelvin and Margaret, who all began life as abandoned infants, are growing up into healthy and strong toddlers thanks to Heaven’s Family

Blossoming Babies

Giving young lives in Kenya a fighting chance

Dear Friends,

An average 300 babies are abandoned every day in Kenya. Peter and Selpher Matua, of the Baby Life Rescue Center in the city of Mombasa, have been called by the Lord to care for these unclaimed precious babies. The center provides these formerly unwanted children with love, Christian nurture and healthy food while adoptive parents are sought.

Most children come to the center as infants. Peter told me, “We see them grow from infant to toddler very strong and healthy because of the nutrition they get from the formula and food they are fed daily.” The life-giving nutrition he’s talking about is provided by generous gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry.

Nutritious food and formula provided by gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry (these kids aren’t quite sure what to make of all the food!)

In October, Peter and Selpher welcomed two new abandoned babies into their care. They lovingly named them Arnold and Brenda (pictured below).

Welcome Baby Arnold (left) and Baby Brenda!

These babies are not siblings, but they both were abandoned by their mothers right after birth. Both were also born prematurely, and came to the center in poor health and with low birth weights. Because of proper feeding and nutrition, however, they have doubled their weight since arriving and are doing very well!

Brenda’s footprints taken October 6, 2015 at the Baby Life Rescue Center

Thank you so much for your generous gifts to the Food Ministry in 2015. Every gift has helped change a life…sometimes just by saving one.

Honored to serve with you,

Diane Scott
Director, Food Ministry

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