Bombarded with Love

26 Apr

Picture of Syrian children
Syrian children caught up in war

Bombarded with Love

Much-needed clothing softens hearts for the gospel

Dear Family,

Last year the Syrian Army bombarded the district of Al Ghouta to dislodge militants imbedded amongst the people. When chemical warfare was used, killing many innocent people, there was worldwide protest.

Because of resulting international pressure, the Syrian army held a brief truce to allow innocents to escape. The people fled as quickly as they could with only the clothing on their backs—literally. There was no time to gather belongings, as they feared the bombing could resume at any moment.

Many of the people who fled settled in the area where Heaven’s Family is working. A partnering church there has been a place of refuge and encouragement, as well as a support to those most needy.

This past fall the Lord enabled us—through your gifts—to purchase new clothing for 196 children who fled in the exodus without warm clothing or shoes for the winter. What a joy to be Jesus to them, and meet these very pressing needs!

Picture of Syrian children
At left, the father of these beautiful kids is missing and their mother searches in the garbage to find things she can resell to pay for their rent; next, the father of these two young girls was killed in the war, and now their mother cleans houses to pay their rent, but it isn’t enough to pay for much else; third, two girls and one of their friends at church in their new clothes; far right, these kids sure do look chic now…and they know that Jesus loves and cares about them!

All of these children attend the children’s outreach each week, where they are learning about Jesus and His great love for them. Rather than bombs, these children and their families are being bombarded with God’s love! I am so thankful that we could show them His love in such a tangible way. Praise God for His goodness to us!

Thank you for loving them,

Picture of the Director of the Refugee Ministry

Director, Refugee Ministry


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