Born to Shine

23 Feb

Image of Emily before being rescued“Emily” (name changed to protect her identity) when she was first rescued from the streets. You can see the troubled look in her eyes.

Born to Shine

Rescued children in Mexico regain physical and spiritual health

Dear Family,

Every day you are feeding many kids who have been rescued from abuse, abandonment, and human trafficking in Mexico. You are helping to provide not only regular healthy meals, but also special foods such as high-nutrient drink supplements for new arrivals—children who have just been rescued from the violence and ravages of abuse and trafficking.

When the children first come to the rescue home, they are always very malnourished and full of round worms. Many have sexually transmitted diseases, heads full of lice, and hair that is very thin or falling out, because they’ve never had a decent meal and lack milk, fruit and vegetables. Your generous gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry enable our ministry partner in Mexico to feed them well. The food helps them to get healthy, and at the same time the children receive love, and medical and trauma care. And they learn about Jesus, too.

“Emily” (see photos) is just one of the many children whose lives you are touching in this way. She and the other kids are learning that they are precious, that God dearly loves them, and that they were born to shine!

Image of Emily with friends after being rescuedEmily is at left, her face shining and her friends smiling too, now that they are safe, well cared for, and enjoying healthy food that you provided

You are making a difference in so many lives. Thank you!

Image of the director of the Food Ministry

Diane Scott
Director, Food Ministry

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