A few giggling children whose lives we’re impacting in Cambodia

Bound for Nepal

Opening a new front in the fight against trafficking and slavery

Dear Friends,

You may recall last spring when devastating earthquakes rocked Nepal, home to the Himalayan Mountains and Mount Everest. Jeff traveled there in May to help survivors, and also learn more about the scourge of human trafficking and slavery in that nation—a problem only made worse in the months since the earthquake.

In November we’ll be heading together to Nepal to meet with local partners who are fighting against human trafficking and slavery.

As we have been preparing to move into new territory in Nepal, we were recently reminded of success stories from countries where we’ve already sown your seeds of compassion.

Here is a taste of the good fruit ripening in Cambodia:

Heaven’s Family has contributed to ongoing outreach in 3 of our most at‐risk areas. Through various children’s ministry and strategic outreach initiatives to families, these areas are being transformed day by day. Thank you for helping us build relationships and share God’s love. Over the last 6 months we have met physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the community through feeding outreaches, foot washing, shoe and hygiene distributions, and more. (Both our Savannah and Vietnamese slum outreaches were newly formed through Heaven’s Family’s support.) We have been blessed to see the growth in relationships in just 6 months thanks to our new residence in their community.

We’re so excited and encouraged to see God’s love beginning to transform whole communities, thanks to your compassion for the women and children trapped in this evil enterprise.

There are currently many areas of unrest in Nepal, so we would appreciate your prayers for safety and effectiveness. Click here if you’d like to donate funds we can carry in with us, and stay tuned to blogs we hope to write from there.

Together with Him,

Jeff and Karin Trotter
Directors, Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund

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