Bring Your Children Home! [Fourth and Final Blog from Nepal]

28 Oct

Bring Your Children Home! [Fourth and Final Blog from Nepal]

These two precious girls from Loving Children’s Home will hopefully be reunited with their parents soon

Dear Friends,

In the past three blogs I’ve shared some exciting news from Nepal. At New Hope Home, I witnessed the wonderful care that the children are receiving there. But I didn’t notice that happening at another orphanage, Loving Children’s Home. It wasn’t because the director didn’t love the children, but because of what I learned about the children. You see, 8 of the 10 children live there simply because their parents are too poor to provide for them. It always grieves me to see children separated from their families because of poverty!

I could even see it in some of their faces—they missed their families.

But, thankfully, there is hope! I’m happy to report that Orphan’s Tear will be working with the director of Loving Children’s Home in the months ahead to reunite these children with their families by providing parents with Opportunity loans so that they can lift themselves economically. Through these loans, our goal will be to empower them to start small businesses or receive vocational training so that they can better provide for their families—and bring their children home!

Thank you so much for your support as we seek to reunite these families!

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

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