Bringing a New Spirit into the House

24 Nov

Bringing a New Spirit into the House

Saw Nay Htoo using diagrams to help present the gospel in a remote village where illiteracy rates are high

Bringing a New Spirit into the House

A Burmese missionary finding creative ways to spread the Good News

Dear Friends,

At top left in the above photograph, you’ll notice what looks like a shelf skirted in pink cloth. This structure is a “spirit house,” a common Buddhist-animist feature in many homes throughout this region in Myanmar (Burma). Residents offer small sacrifices such as food, flowers and water to appease the spirit whom they regard as the guardian of their house.

Standing next to that spirit house is the home of another Spirit. His name is Saw Nay Htoo and he has the Holy Spirit living inside of him. Saw Nay Htoo is a Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary. He’s on a mission to reach as many villages in Shan State, Myanmar as he can with the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ.

During his most recent trip (pictured above and below), Saw Nay Htoo reached a total of 8 villages, telling them about the God of another Spirit who wants to live in their home. As he traveled from village to village, he preached the gospel (using diagrams for those illiterate), chopped firewood for impoverished elderly widows, prayed for the sick, and distributed gospel tracts—thanks to gifts to the National Missionary Ministry.

Saw Nay Htoo continuing his mission onto the next village

It is such an immense privilege to partner with such dedicated missionaries, helping them to fulfill their Kingdom-driven missions. Together, we can reach many more for Christ.

On their behalf,

Jody Walker
Director, National Missionary Ministry

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