Broken Back; Unbroken Faith

07 Aug

Broken Back; Unbroken Faith


Shova’s joyous baptism. Not long after, her husband violently attacked her.

Dear Friends,

Shova Sapkota of Nepal was born into a high-caste Hindu family and was married to a Hindu man. Together they had two daughters. But when Shova surrendered her life to Christ through the ministry of Heaven’s Family National Missionary Timothy Rai, both her family and her husband turned against her. Shova, however, held fast to her faith in spite of being persecuted.

When Shova decided to take the step of baptism, her husband was waiting for her when she returned home. Upon her arrival, he attacked her. When she ran, he kicked her down a hill. Shova suffered a broken neck and spine.

Local churches, all very poor by Western standards, banded together to help pay the security deposit that was required by a local hospital so that Shova could be admitted for treatment. The doctors operated, inserting a steel rod into her back. They told Shova that, had her injury been any more severe, she would have been permanently paralyzed.

When she was well enough to leave the hospital, Shova’s father-in-law (who had become a believer since Shova’s marriage to his son) wanted to help her, but was too poor to pay the $700 hospital bill that was required to secure her release. So he borrowed the money—knowing he may never be able to repay his loan. And Timothy invited Shova to stay with his family, knowing her husband might seek to kill her.

Shova is still undergoing treatment. Her stitches were removed about two weeks ago, and doctors say she must rest for six months. She is slowly beginning to walk, eat, and drink again. She is also using this time to seek the Lord.

Shova today, able to stand again

Please pray for Shova, as her recovery is slow and she becomes discouraged. Please also pray for her husband, Raj, that he might see Christ in her.

Through our Christians with Disabilities Fund, we hope to reimburse Shova’s father-in-law for Shova’s hospital bills, and cover any costs for ongoing treatment and therapy.

In Christ,

CJ McDaniel
Director, Christians with Disabilities Fund

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