Built with Love: Orphanage Building Projects Report

01 Apr

Built with Love: Orphanage Building Projects Report

orphanage under construction in myanmar

A new dorm takes shape for the children of Nazareth Orphanage in Taunggyi

Because you have contributed to the Dorms for Orphanages Fund in recent months, I wanted to send you a few photos to show how your gifts are being used. We are currently funding two orphanage building projects in Myanmar (Burma)—for Nazareth Orphanage in Taunggyi (above) and Bethel Children’s Home in Kalaymyo (below).

orphanage under construction in burma

Bethel Children’s Home, like other orphanage dorms HF builds, uses strong mahogany lumber for framing, brick and mortar for the exterior walls, and metal sheets for roofing—far better than their former building

These new homes for orphans and unwanted children will be far better than those in which the children currently live. When the dorms are completed, I will send you photos of some very happy children, thankful to God—and to loving people like you—for making their dreams come true!

We always have more orphanage buildings, like Beulah Orphanage (of which I have added a photo below of the children and directors), waiting to be built. To view a two-minute video about Beulah Orphanage and the Dorms for Orphanages Fund, click here . And thanks again for your help!

orphans in myanmar

Because of Jesus,

Jeff Trotter

Director, Dorms for Orphanages Fund

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