A Busy, Beautiful Summer

Picture of widows
At left, Mary Nasipwondi is now rent-free with her own home and a good crop of maize and beans; at right, 2 widows from Moldova in front of their winter wood supply

A Busy, Beautiful Summer

How your generosity has been transforming the lives of women around the world

Dear Family,

What a busy summer it’s been! Amid our annual Heaven’s Family Reunion in July, where I was blessed to meet some of you reading this, the Widows and Abandoned Women Ministry fulfilled a pressing need to build a home for 2 widows in Kaptembwa, Kenya, provided 9 widows in Sculeni, Moldova enough firewood for them to cook and heat their homes throughout the winter, purchased land and built homes for 2 widows from Saboti, Kenya, and provided sewing classes to enable 2 women—an abandoned young mother and an aging widow—to take care of their families.

Wow! Thanks to your faithful and generous giving, these ladies have not only had their physical needs met in many ways, but also deepened their understanding of God’s love for them. People all around the world care about them! You have encouraged these women and their children in their very difficult walks of life and given them much hope for the future.

Picture of home being built for widow
Catherine Nyongesa, in yellow at right, very busy and very happy assisting in the construction of her home

The Lord is using you mightily to advance His Kingdom by way of broken, outcast women. How beautiful is His grace! How deep, how full is His love! Because of you, hope is real for many hurting women in some of the most impoverished regions on earth. It’s been a beautiful summer seeing such fruit! May God continue to lead you and bless you as you step out in faith.


Dossie Briggs
Director, Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

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