Capitalism Comes to Covenant Kids’ Home

10 Sep

Capitalism Comes to Covenant Kids’ Home

covenant kid orphans
Harun, one of the young entrepreneurs at Covenant Kids’ Home, Kitale, Kenya

Dear Friends,

If you’ve ever wondered if your contributions help with anything that is sustainable, wonder no more. This month I received the following e-mail from the director of Covenant Kids Home in Kenya, where fourteen children are sponsored:

I am so grateful for the monthly gift we are receiving from Orphan’s Tear. We bought ten chickens which we are keeping for eggs and multiplication. We are also able to buy some food and life for the kids has greatly changed.

This is one kind of capitalism that is pure in God’s eyes, because it exploits chickens, not people who are created in God’s image. God commanded people to rule over the fish and the fowl, and the fowl at Covenant Kids’ Home are submitting to God’s will…and multiplying!

chickens for

It is difficult for us to understand how significant small business ventures like this are in poor nations. People who live on less than two dollars per day have no capital to start any kind of a business. But with just a little help, they can be on their way out of extreme poverty. We are looking for ways to do that for our orphanages. God has blessed Orphan’s Tear to purchase many acres of land for a number of our orphanages in Myanmar on which they now grow their own rice. What a blessing it is to be able to provide not just “hand-outs,” but “hand-ups.”

Thanks, as always, to everyone who has helped us recently with your regular sponsorship or special contributions. Praise God that we received $2,700 in special gifts to purchase mosquito nets for all our orphans in Myanmar. Any excess will help pay for the medical bills of the twenty children who were recently hospitalized with malaria.

We were also enabled by you to divide $5,000 among many orphanages that do not yet receive any regular help from Orphan’s Tear because none of their children are yet sponsored. (We have 400 waiting.) We know from experience that these gifts will be received with tears from the orphanage directors who have been praying for God’s help. God has used you to answer their prayers.

For all these blessings we are thankful. May God multiply all of our chickens!


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