“Capturing” Taliban Spies

29 Jun

“Capturing” Taliban Spies

Picture of missionary sharing the gospel in a taliban-dominated region of the middle east
Naomi shares the gospel with local residents in a Taliban-dominated region

“Capturing” Taliban Spies

You’ve helped seize unlikely hearts in the Middle East

Dear Family,

If you were given the opportunity to fund the covert ministry of a formerly homeless teenager who is now penetrating one of the world’s most dangerous Islamic militant groups with Christ’s liberating gospel, would you do it?

Friends, you already have!

Naomi (not her real name) lives in a predominantly Muslim area where the Taliban still have a large presence (and it’s extremely dangerous to be a Christian!). She was a homeless teenager when she first heard about the love of Jesus. After Naomi put her faith in Christ, not only did she become a child of God, but the man who had shared the gospel with her also legally adopted her!

Like both her adopted father and her Heavenly Father, Naomi became a bold disciple maker. Her subsequent life experiences could make a best-selling book, but to protect her safety, I can give you only a vague but amazing highlight: she has led Taliban spies to faith in Jesus. And those spies are now disciple makers, too!

Your investment in the Compassion Club provided Naomi with a new home—and it also serves as her base of operations and house church, where believers and seekers now come together to learn about Jesus.

Picture of secret house church meeting
A house church meeting at which Naomi teaches new believers in Christ how to become and make disciples

Thank you for enabling the gospel to reach those whom most people would fear as dangerous enemies but whom the Lord loves and is still reaching with the Good News!

Elisabeth Walker

Compassion Club Coordinator

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